A law firm as creative as you are.
Join our team of talented lawyers and advisors.

Our team consists experienced lawyers from top-tier law schools and national law firms. We are excited to have found a better alternative and are happy to share it with like-minded talent. Our business model allows us to eliminate much of the traditional firm overhead and to share those savings with our clients.  This allows us to offer our clients with premier service while charging them less and keeping their legal budgets in check with their expectations.

Working with Herman Law allows you to take control of your legal career.  We don’t have set office hours and “face time” requirements inherent in business of large law firms.  Where and when you work is up to you and your clients.  We allow our team members to work from our offices, or from home or at our clients’ offices, allowing us to better coordinate work and personal commitments. We believe this flexibility allows us to be better lawyers — more productive, more effective, and more satisfied with our professional and personal lives.

The our business model allow us to lower our billing rates while retaining a higher portion of our billings. At traditional law firms, partners typically receive only a small percentage of the revenues they generate.  We cut out the corporate overhead, allowing partners to take home a much higher percentage their billings, while charging their clients significantly less.  Our model provides the flexibility to bill at a rate, and on a schedule, that works for your clients and your practice.

As a new kind of business — a “virtual service business” — we try to make as little impact on the environment as possible. By working remotely we travel much less — saving on gasoline, improving air quality and reducing dependence on foreign energy. A true “green” business, our carbon footprint is a fraction of that of a traditional law firm our size.

We are looking for attorneys with excellent academic credentials, outstanding professional experience and a minimum of six years of practice with an AmLaw 100 law firm, successful solo or boutique practice, and/or a major corporation.If you feel that you meet our criteria and are interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email with your resume attached to hiring@hermanlawllc.com.